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30 days: Introduce low-interest loans for people who wish to study abroad and restructure loan repayment scheme

November 18, 2018
Dec 2018

Higher Education Ministry fulfills pledges assigned under President Solih's 100-day agenda

Raajje MV December 31, 2018

The Ministry of Higher Education has revealed that they have completed three of the pledges assigned to it by the government as part of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s 100-day agenda. At a press conference, Minister Dr. Ibrahim Hassan highlighted that the tasks assigned to the Ministry are “valuable”.

The third pledge is to establish a loan scheme that carries a lesser interest rate, to those who wish to go abroad for further studies. The government is also to pave an easier way for student loans to be paid off.

While the government had been taking a five percent interest rate for student loans. The ministry has decreased the interest to three percent and extended the duration to pay off said loans. Further details regarding student loans will be available through the Ministry’s official website, says the Minister.