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7 days: Restore the powers and responsibilities of local councils withheld by the president in the last five years

November 18, 2018
Dec 2018

Cabinet decides on the powers and responsibilities to transfer back to the city councils [LATE]

President's Office December 04, 2018

The Cabinet has decided on the powers and responsibilities to reassign to the City Councils, which have been mandated to the Ministries previously. The Cabinet made this decision following deliberations on the matter at today’s meeting of the Cabinet, and as per the Act on Decentralization of the Administrative Divisions of the Maldives.

At today’s meeting, members agreed that the powers and responsibilities will be transferred back to the City Councils in accordance with agreements made between the City Councils and the relevant Ministries.

The powers and responsibilities to be transferred back under the jurisdiction of the City Councils, as agreed at today’s Cabinet meeting include managing the birth and death registries of the City; gathering and maintaining statistical records as instructed by relevant authorities; maintaining a registry of citizen and non-citizen residing in the City; maintaining a registry of foreigners residing in the City; disposal of waste in a reasonably safe manner; temporarily or permanently open or close roads, parks or public spaces of the City; monitoring whether shops, restaurants, cafés, and public markets of the City comply with the legislation of the Maldives.

Dec 2018

[LATE] President: City councils will be empowered this week

Sun Online December 01, 2018

Solih made the announcement this Saturday morning during his visit to K. Dhiffushi – his first trip outside the capital since he assumed office on November 17.

Speaking during the visit, Solih said it was his goal to empower local councils and empower local communities, which can only be achieved by amending the Decentralization Act. Solih said amendments necessary to Decentralization Act will be researched and submitted to the Parliament within the next 1-month period.

“And Insha Allah, the powers which can be released to city councils as part of my prerogative as President under the current Decentralization Act will be released this week,” said Solih. He said that Male’ City Council, Addu City Council and Fuvahmulah City Council will be bestowed with “multiple powers” this beginning week.

Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, during his administration transferred several crucial powers, including the authority to award land, from city councils to government ministries, citing failure to provide speedy services to local communities and obstruction of the State.

Nov 2018

Progress not started up to 8th working day

November 28, 2018